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Legacy Corporate Tower

Quito, Ecuador

Type: Office
Client: Private
Size: 9,980 m2
Status: Final Development

Legacy Tower is an office building for one of the most prestigious law firms in Ecuador. Our challenge was to create a monumental structure that represents the values of the firm on an extremely narrow terrain. Therefore, we took advantage of the slenderness of the site to exaggerate the monumentality and verticality of the tower. This is accomplished through a language of vertical elements and green diagonals that cross the facades of the building and strategically connect different stories. These louver-like components function to diffuse the incredibly strong western sun of the equator. The visual play of these components are systematized by program, floor by floor.

Through this language, our tower acquires a grove like spacial characteristic. At its base, one must walk through a cluster of trunk like elements to enter the building, transporting the user outside of the urban corporate setting, into more of a fantastical context. The lobby is a playful interpretation of a cave-like space, as we want the user to have a unique experience from the moment they enter the building. The façade displays a series of green diagonal terraces accessible by all floors, dynamizing the façade and allowing the corporate space to breathe and connect to nature. The slim open-concept interior always maintains a visual connection to these green spaces, aiming to enhance user experience and productivity.

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