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Telconet HQ

Quito, Ecuador

Type: Offices
Client: Telconet
Size: 11,724 m2
Status: Private Competition

The unique design and scale of the building positions it as the next urban landmark in the north central area of Quito. Its character, both in form and mixed programmatic use, will give an image of corporate innovation. This building will stand out as an innovative, sustainable design, which combines in its composition structure, construction and environmental unity that makes it a symbol of identity for the company.

The project behaves like a HUB of dynamic work where several professional, technical, and recreational activities happen in the same physical space. The organization of the programmatic “packages” highlights this condition of functional mixture. The “Alternative programming spaces” are scattered among the corporate programs to boost the daily life and routine of the employees.

The structural system of the project is conceived so that the construction of the building is as fast and effective as possible. The construction system consists of only three main elements:
1. A system of metal frames or porticos, which make up the shell of the building.
2. A Rigid horizontal core, where the diaphragms are concentrated in the vertical communication ducts and service areas for structural stability.
3. Post-tensioned concrete slabs, for maximum span.

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