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Miravalle 4, Quito, Ecuador

Type: Residential
Client: Private
Size: 1,218 m2
Status: Built, 2018

*Honorable Mention, Premio al Ornato 2019

Pindus is an 8-unit residential condominium located in the Cumbaya Valley, outside of Quito, Ecuador. This project focuses on the experimentation of construction materials and methodologies. Pindus counteracts the limiting tendencies of materials used in facade construction (in Ecuador), by incorporating wood (an unconventional facade material in Ecuador) and applying the special Japanese treatment of Yakisugi, where the wood is carbonized, resulting in a black fossil-like finish. This treatment naturally protects the wood for greater longevity and resistance against the extreme temperature fluctuations of the Andes. Additionally, noble materials such as the concrete are used for cost reduction, maintenance, thermal control, and greater tectonic experimentation.

Pindus is a mountain house typology. We are separating the main volume from the mountain, and raising the parking to reduce on-site impact produced by excavation. The separation of the main volume significantly enhances the flow of natural light and ventilation into the apartments, generating exposure from the back of the mountain. This results in each apartment achieving a minimum of three faces with light exposure, where usually this typologies only consist of a maximum of two.

Pindus redefines the housing typology of the mountain context, by generating 360 views and greater user comfort.

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