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Type: Commercial
Client: Private
Size: Varies
Status: Built, 2016

*Winner of the Architizer A+ Awards 2016

The Anti-Kiosk revolutionizes the concept of the commercial island and transforms the shopping experience.

Inspired by nature and the form of wedges of a citrus fruit, this 6 piece modular structure opens and closes, allowing for versatility and flexibility of arrangements. The 6 ‘wedges’ can be organized into endless configurations, forming various environments within one space. When closed, all the pieces fit together, including a sales counter, storage compartments, display stands, as well as all of the products on display. A cocoon like structure standing 3.2m tall, the Anti-Kiosk can adapt and tailor to any product or service, showcasing the nature of the client´s work.

The exterior skin of the structure is made from traditional totora, a plant used as a building material by the South American Pre-Inca people. Hand-woven by local artisans from Ecuador, adapting this vernacular approach into a retail context creates a unique juxtaposition between a material used in the context of ancestral commerce with the modern shopping mall experience.

Wallpaper designed by the client is displayed on the interior surfaces, as one of their many products. The sobriety of the exterior totora skin contrasting with the vivid wallpaper creates a dynamic spatial experience both inside and outside of the structure breaking spatial boundaries.

The Anti-Kiosk challenges every preconceived idea of what a mall kiosk should be, transporting its users outside of the mall context.

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