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House in the Andes, Project Completed

10. 22. 2020   

We are odd

   a group of highly skilled architects, planners, and creatives. we are innate problem solvers, dedicated to making the physical world a more habitable place. ​ We work at every scale– from design to execution.​ We are inspired by nature, incorporating its systems and processes into our work– aiming for a healthier coexistence.​ We learn through history, science, and precedents– developing new design techniques for the improvement of humankind. ​We confront and question the norm–  creating state-of-the-art design solutions. Together we help our clients solve their most complex challenges; together we harness our diverse ingenuity to make projects that are fantastical, affordable, buildable, and beautiful.



Paperopolis, Architecture for Kids!

07.01. 2020   


Pre-selected for BAL 2021

09. 24. 2020   


Vol 01. Beautiful Evidence:

habitable architecture

03.25. 2020   


Groundbreaking- Hotel Hampton by Hilton

01.29. 2020   

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Quito, Ecuador

+593 99 929 5901

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