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Optimus Prime

Quito, Ecuador

Type: Multi-programmatic
Client: Private
Size: 4829 m2
Status: Concept

Optimus Prime is a highly efficient and programmatic transformational mixed use tower, a super tower with a multiplicity of programs and uses. Optimus Prime houses large and small office spaces, commercial areas, a gym, a restaurant, executive suites, conference and meeting rooms, a rooftop terrace with mini-golf and several multipurpose spaces such as the co-working area that can change depending of the program in need. The plaza also has mutant characteristics, and can be transformed into an outdoor amphitheater. The facade of the tower, acts as an active billboard, always changing. Complementing the commercial use of the tower, residential micro suits were developed, in this way, the user is also the tenant of the building, activating it 24 hours a day.

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