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Mig 1.0: Mobile Inflatable Gallery

Quito, Ecuador

Type: Cultural
Client: Casacor
Size: 70m2
Status: Built, 2017

*Architizer A+ Awards Winner, 2018

Mig-1.0 is a mobile inflatable gallery that can be placed in countless different contexts. Without dismantling, the MiG-1.0 deflated and folds into its mobile container, ready for its next stop. This multi-purpose lightweight structure is essentially a transportable venue with the purpose of housing different events and exhibitions.

The MiG-1.0 is made from 95% recycled and reused materials. The “hard space” is a refurbished container covered with OSB (recycled) wood panels. The “soft space” or inflatable area is made from 100% recycled billboards. These spheres are modular and can grow horizontally depending on the material displayed inside. The flooring inside of the spheres is porcelain-shaped tiles made from recycled tires.

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