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odd+ Bacterialab activate 3D printed face masks for hospitals

We at odD + solve complex problems of humanity in the framework of architecture, urban planning and industrial design. Given the current state of affairs, we would like to inform you on the first phase of our initiative.

With the aim of contributing, protecting and safeguarding the health of those at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, our studio odd+architects, together with @baterialabuio have been working to produce PPE.

Using Prusa Research's open-source 3D file as a base, this lightweight and minimalist design meets all corresponding sanitary measures, with an ergonomic PLA support that allows ease of use. A transparent 450 micron PET screen protects from saliva drops, prevents condensation and provides directed airflow.

Always cognizant of the fundamental premise of our office– environmental responsibility– the materials chosen can be recycled and composted. The 3D printed headpiece is a biodegradable corn-based biopolymer.

Currently, we have all 3D printers running 24 hours a day to produce face shields for hospitals in need for the province of Manabí, Ecuador– the next COVID-19 epicenter in the country.


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