Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérca


Quito, Ecuador


This new cultural building  for the Universidad Tecnologica Indoamerica represents an ICON for the northern area of ​​Quito.


The idea of ​​the building is as if we were in a stone quarry. The master stonecutter carves the raw stone and with all its virtuosity converts it  into a fantastic carved stone. This simile is the same happening in a university, the student enters virgin, gross and over the passing of his university years the professors polish, and carves him to be a great professional. This building wants to convey this feeling of transformation and formation.


In its exterior, the facade transitions from the gross to the wrought giving way to pure and dynamic interiors where also the vegetation becomes part of the building, integrating exterior with the interior through a green central corridor.


The architectural concept of the Indoamerica cultural building, new home of theUniversidad Tecnologica Indoamerica in Quito, represents the process of training students. Just as a teacher shapes a student towards the professional he will be, a master stonecutter carves and transforms the raw stone into a polished sophisticated material.


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