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WWF Pavilion

Quito, Ecuador

Type: Cultural
Client: World Wild Fund Ecuador
Size: Varies
Status: Concept, 2017

The WWF Pavilion was commissioned by the World Wild Fund branch in Ecuador as a way to promote the diversity of wildlife and environmental awareness in Ecuador. The project is composed of 3 mobile modules that open and close independently according to the use, type of event, or spatial capacity required. The pavilion uses recycled construction materials, such as wood and steel for the design of the modules, and more than 1000 s recycled bottles as the envelope. The concept arose from the idea of a cave as a means of refuge.

A pavilion for varied spaces: Given the client’s demands to exhibit their various operations in a variety of spaces, both inside and outside, the pavilion was designed to be easily dismantled, and transported easily in a standard truck. It was designed to be completely sustainable, incorporating photovoltaic panels to provide power to any type of electronic device. The project aims to be a duality between architecture and ecology, through the use of recycled materials, adaptability and spatial quality to generate awareness about our planet.

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