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odd House 1.0

Tumbaco, Ecuador

Type: Residential
Client: Private
Size: 413m2
Status: Built, 2015

*Winner of the Premio al Ornato Ciudad de Quito, 2015

odD Casa 1.0 located in Quito, Ecuador was conceived as a therapeutic experiment for a client suffering from bipolar disorder, and a change of lifestyle for him and his family after living in a rustic home for over 30 years. Facing very specific demands from the client and realizing the complexity of his condition, the architects conceived the house as a therapeutic vessel. This was done by encouraging the client to be an active part of the design and construction process (active stimuli) and by meticulously designing each space and every element within that space by applying the concept of serialism; pattern in the floors, ceilings, and walls gave every space a different rhythm and characteristic. These detailed elements of repetition and replication became a visual means to stimulate the client’s mind, leveling his mood. (passive stimuli).

Programmatically, the house has a variety of social and intimate spaces, while maintaining clarity of form. A courtyard is used as the diagrammatic anchor, marking the transition between indoor and outdoor areas. A linear nave marked by a massive concrete wall serves as the main programmatic distributor and buffer, separating private from social areas.

Every tectonic element is showcased in its most natural and sincere form. Locally extracted stone is used for the exterior facade of the house, and the courtyard floor finish. Recycled wood is used from the client’s previous home for the entry gate as well as the floor finish of the private areas. The exposed concrete roof serves as the main formal expression of the house, suspended over massive naturally finished steel columns, overhanging 5m on both sides. The waffle slab system lightens the roof structure, allowing for such cantilever and acts as skylights in strategic areas to allow natural light to penetrate. The concave form is meant to negate extremes, as a ´mean´ to balance the change in program as well as the human psyche through one single architectural expression.

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