NNUU Tower 2.0


Quito, Ecuador


For NNUU Tower 2.0 the project seeks to re-imagine and connect once more with the organic character of nature by toppling the overkill use of the right angle in architecture. The curved form was used as means to represent the organic at two contextual scales: on one hand, the macro scale; this being the Andean landscape. And at the micro scale, the way the building interacts directly with the natural space of the park La Carolina.
The inner spatiality of the building is approached from the study of human dynamics. Should an analysis of our environments and everyday movements be done, we would realize that they do not correspond to the traditional conception of the orthogonal architectural space. The idea is not to fit human needs in a simple and basic rectilinear volume, but to create more spaces which constitute a more appropriate envelope of human activity.


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